Yuksel Alper Ecevit (Ph.D)


Hard to believe to me but it has been ten years since I started TAing at Sabanci University, here are the courses I taught since then. Let’s start with my favorite ones as instructor of record. Syllabi will be available later, or upon request.

(abb: UG-Undergraduate, TA- Teaching Assistant)

Binghamton University

Democracy in Divided Societies (UG)- Spring 2010

Political Economy (UG) – Summer 2010

Bahcesehir University 

Comparative Democratization- (UG)- Spring 2015, Spring 2016

Intro to Comparative Politics (UG)- Spring 2015, Spring 2016

Intro to Political Science (UG)- Fall 2014

Comparative Politics (Grad) – Spring 2014, Spring 2016

West European Politics (UG)- Spring 2015, Fall 2015



and here are the others

Binghamton University

Democracy and Democratization (UG- online)

Introduction to Comparative Politics (UG-TA)

Instructor : William B. Heller

Introduction to Ideas and Society (UG-TA)

Instructor: Theresa Cingranelli

Bahcesehir University 

Turkey-EU Relations (UG) : Fall 2015

(EU) Enlargement Policy (UG)

Modern European History (UG)

Agricultural Policy (UG) {well, sometimes you do because you have to!}

EU Project Management (UG)

Theories of International Relations (in Turkish)

Global Politics and Issues (in Turkish)

Sabanci University

Social and Political Science (UG-TA)

Instructor: Hakan Erdem and Dicle Kogacioglu